Wisdom Tooth Removal in South Jordan, UT

Wisdom tooth removal is proof that while the body is amazing, it does have some weird quirks that need to be managed. Wisdom teeth are unnecessary molars that reside in the back of your mouth and often cause dental issues.

While they may seem harmless, the positioning of these teeth can lead to problems over time. These teeth are difficult to clean well, and as a result, bacteria tend to thrive unchecked and negatively affect the surrounding teeth and gums.

Sometimes wisdom teeth remain under the gumline. These are called impacted wisdom teeth, and can lead to cysts, tooth decay and gum disease. Luckily, wisdom tooth removal is a relatively easy and harmless process. But don’t worry; you can still use it as an excuse to add a little extra ice cream to your shopping list!

Here at South Jordan Oral & Facial Surgery, we’re dedicated to giving you dental care and treatment that will protect your mouth for years. Wisdom tooth removal is one way we do that.

Prevent Future Problems Caused by Wisdom Teeth

The main issue with wisdom teeth is that the longer they are in your mouth, the more problems they can create. They usually don’t have as much room to grow as other teeth and as a result, sometimes push those teeth out of position.

Teeth that are pushed out of position can suffer damage at the roots. Fixing tooth roots is much more invasive and expensive than removing wisdom teeth. Unmanaged wisdom teeth can also damage the bones in your jaw.

However, all these issues can easily be avoided. Our team here at South Jordan Oral & Facial Surgery has years of experience, and we’ll help you prevent any potential problems.

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If you’ve ever experienced tooth or mouth pain, you know that it can disrupt your life. Call us and learn how getting your wisdom teeth out might help.

Many people don’t realize just how much your wisdom teeth can affect your daily life. Not only can they cause future problems, but they can also result in mouth pain and bad breath.

If you’ve noticed an unpleasant taste or smell in your mouth even after brushing and rinsing, it could be a sign of problems with your wisdom teeth.

Don’t let a simple issue prevent you from having a normal, healthy smile.

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