Pre-Prosthetic Oral Surgery in South Jordan, UT

Before reconstruction of your dentures, you’ll first need pre-prosthetic oral surgery. This procedure helps prepare your mouth for the successful placement of full or partial dentures.

Here at South Jordan Oral & Facial Surgery, we strive to give every patient a healthy and attractive smile. Sometimes damage and decay can lead to problems in your mouth that make wearing dentures uncomfortable and difficult.

Our team rectifies issues at each stage of your treatment, and this surgery is one of the steps along the road.

Complete Communication During Your Pre-Prosthetic Oral Surgery

The process of getting dentures or prosthetics can be concerning. Our team never wants you to be nervous about improving your smile.

We’ll walk you through each step so you feel comfortable with and confident about our services. If you have a question at any time, don’t be afraid to ask. Our technicians and doctors want to hear your questions and concerns.

It’s another way that we are able to serve you. You can schedule a consultation at any time to talk with one of our doctors and see if pre-prosthetic surgery is right for you.

Real Results You Can Count On

It’s not enough to find a place that can make great dentures. You also need oral specialists to make sure that they fit right and aren’t damaging your mouth.

Ill-fitting dentures can be painful, and can even change your jawbone structure over an extended period. Pre-prosthetic oral surgery is the best way to prepare your mouth for prolonged prosthetic use.

Sometimes damaged teeth leave the jawbone bumpy and sharp. These areas can make eating and talking difficult. Adding dentures only makes these sore areas feel worse.

Here at South Jordan Oral & Facial Surgery, we believe your mouth shouldn’t be the focus of your attention. Instead, it should make your life easier. When you work with our team, we’ll give you restorative options to do just that.

You’ll be able to live life uninterrupted by painful prosthetics or damaged teeth.

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If you’re looking for a team of caring, informative dental experts, look no further that our staff here in South Jordan, Utah. We’ve worked on hundreds of mouths, which has given us expertise that cannot be matched.

Our years of experience have taught us to listen closely to our patients and their concerns. We want to know all the details of what’ going on with your mouth.

When you work with our team, you can always be assured that you are receiving some of the best dental care in Utah. Call us to learn more or to schedule a visit!

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