Bone Grafting in South Jordan, UT

Bone grafting is essential for those who suffer from bone and tooth loss. Normal and healthy teeth help stimulate the growth and strength of your jaw. However, a deteriorating tooth has the opposite effect.

Instead of encouraging healthy growth, the lost tooth leaves your jaw defenseless. As a result, your bone begins to wear away and your gums recede.

The more your bone wears away, the less likely it will be able to support an implant for the missing tooth. Fortunately, there is an option to restore a healthy balance — bone grafting.

What Is Bone Grafting?

Here at South Jordan Oral & Facial Surgery, our team is able to restore healthy jaws using bone grafts. We’ll take a section of your bone or a similar material and splice it with your jawbone.

Eventually the graft assimilates into your jawbone and helps reinforce and strengthen it. At this point, you can get an implant to replace the lost tooth.

While this process is used mainly for those who suffer from tooth loss, it can be necessary for those who have weak jawbones and need extra support. If you suspect problems with your jawbone, come talk with our team.

As specialists in the field, we’ll help you determine the best options for you, and show you how you can maintain a healthy mouth.

Benefits of Bone Grafts

Losing bone mass in your jaw can lead to a change your appearance, and not in a good way.

You’ll lose definition in your jaw and possibly your chin. However, a bone graft helps encourage healthy growth so this doesn’t happen. With this procedure, you’ll rejoice knowing that the face you see in the mirror every day is that one that you recognize.

Another benefit of bone grafts is that they can prevent future dental problems. Your jaw can wear down quickly. As a result, your gums thin and the bone becomes fragile and easily breakable. These are both precursors to some uncomfortable dental issues.

A bone graft will help strengthen your jaw and support your gums. It’s an easy decision that can have a big effect on your life.

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Bone grafting is a routine procedure that has been done millions of times. Here at South Jordan Oral & Facial Surgery, we’ve had our fair share of experience with it as well. When you team up with us, you’ll be sure you’re getting effective restoration that will last for years to come.

Bone grafts are a simple solution to a problem that causes so much discomfort. We don’t want anyone to suffer unnecessarily. Call us to schedule a consultation today, or stop by our South Jordan office. We’ll help you find out if bone grafts are the right solution for you.

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